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What is Federa’s Smart Agent?

Fereda’s Smart Agent is a worldwide platform for real estate agents that wish to grow their business, influence, and client base. This platform presents all of the necessary tools for promotion, marketing, browsing, selling, and buying no matter where you are, with no unnecessary hassle. And, unlike the usual brokerages, Federa offers its agents an opportunity to keep all of their commissions.

Who can become a Smart Agent?

Anyone with an active real estate license.

Why should I join Federa’s Smart Agent platform?

Federa’s platform is open to all agents all over the world, and presents them with an opportunity to decide how much they want to pay Federa as their brokerage. They can keep all of their commissions and enjoy the features that come with the basic Agent plan, or they can pay low fees and enjoy the included advantageous benefits of the Pro and Specialist plans.

Smart Agent platform is designed to meet agents’ needs in a way that works best for them, not the other way around. Are you a smart agent? Then you should become one of Federa’s Smart Agents.

What is the main difference between Agent, Pro, and Specialist plans?

If you choose the Agent plan, you keep 100% of your commissions and Federa holds your license for free. Pro plan offers more flexibility and includes such features as broker legal assistance, instant commission, and many other benefits. With the Specialist plan, you get all of the benefits, including lead generation, marketing material, and mentoring.

Is there a trial version?

If you are a licensed real estate agent, the Agent plan is a perfect solution for you in this case. It’s free, and you keep all of your commissions.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan later?

Anytime. In order to do this, contact our customer service.

How does Smart Agents platform work?

Choose the best suitable plan for you and register a new account. You can do it via Federa’s App or website. After this you are free to enjoy all of the included benefits, create listings, browse homes, find new clients and/or contacts all over the world, add items to your favorites, and much more. All of this regardless of where you are.

Which plan is the best for me?

It depends on your general experience and how much you are willing to pay. You can always upgrade or downgrade. If you need more assistance with this one, contact our customer service.

Why should I be approved by a Senior Listing Specialist if I want to become a Specialist?

It is Federa’s mission to offer its clients the best service possible. Given the fact that Specialists are considered to be top agents, and the high volume of client leads they get, Federa is interested in ensuring that these agents are qualified and can provide an excellent service.

Statistically being among the most experienced agents in the country, Federa’s Senior Listing Specialists have this authority to approve or reject applicants for Specialist positions.

How can I access my account?

You can sign in with your email and password via Federa’s App or website.

Should I pay fees and commissions if I make no sales?

No. And you have this opportunity with any of the three plans. You can see the pricing for Agent, Pro, and Specialist here.

Who pays license fees, multiple listing service (MLS) fees, and fines A?


How do clients find me and how do I find clients? How do we communicate?

Depending on your plan, Federa’s Smart Agent platform offers you different methods of communication that are easy to use either through the App, or website.

What is the percent of partners’ revenue share and how does it work?

Revenue share is 1% and can be enjoyed if you are on a Specialist plan. It is shared between all partners.

Can I hibernate or close my account? Is there a cancellation fee?

Anytime. Federa’s Smart Agent platform is created to make your career in real estate light and easy. It is solely up to you when to take a break, or stop being a Smart Agent. All you have to do is contact our customer service.

What if I am a broker?

Contact Us for information about Broker opportunities.

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